By John Morreall

ISBN-10: 1118554299

ISBN-13: 9781118554296

50 nice Myths approximately Religions is an exciting, informative, and sometimes funny advent to a couple of the lengthy status myths that encompass non secular trust. This attractive e-book gets its readers wondering how and why definite myths have arisen, and their carrying on with impression on our own and collective view of religion.
Offers a full of life, informative, and thought-provoking  advent to a few of the typical misbeliefs surrounding religions

  • Discusses myths approximately non secular trust often, in addition to particular rules that encompass Judaism, Christianity, Islam, atheism, and agnosticism
  • Covers a variety of myths, from old legends resembling the Bible forbidding beef being eaten since it reasons affliction, to trendy city fables, similar to Barack Obama being a Muslim
  • Unpacks each one fable in flip, explaining why it arose, how it...

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    According to an ancient idea from the Hindu scriptures known as the Upanishads, Brahman is also the same as atman − the self or mind − so each person’s consciousness is ultimate reality. Buddhism takes still a different view of ultimate reality. Its founder, Siddhartha Gautama, did not teach about gods, and he said that there is no Brahman and there is no atman. In fact, he taught that everything is constantly changing, so there are no enduring substances at all. What I think of as my self − the core of me that stays the same from day to day and year to year − is an illusion.

    Increasingly, scholars are questioning that characterization. For one thing, it is based on questionable criteria regarding what makes the Big Seven count as World Religions. It can’t be because they are followed by huge numbers of people; Judaism ranks far behind Shinto and Sikhism in that regard, and they aren’t considered World Religions. Judaism could be counted as a World Religion because it is foundational to the two most widely followed religions in the world − Christianity and Islam − but if that were the criterion then Zoroastrianism should count too, because of its influence on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

    Think of the story in Chapter 11 of the Second Book of Samuel of how, after King David impregnated Bathsheba, he arranged to have her husband killed in battle. Think of Sophocles’ tragedy Oedipus Rex, in which Oedipus kills his father and marries his mother. The same part of the brain that processes emotions – the limbic system – also converts short-term memories to long-term memories. Direct experience of an emotionally arousing event is usually the most powerful way to make something impress us and register in our long-term memory, but an emotionally arousing story is probably the second most powerful.

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