By Colonel S. L. A. Marshall

Includes six maps.

This is real tale of mum or dad regiment of the well-known "Band of Brothers" effortless corporation. because the tens of millions of yank troops started their procedure towards the forbidding German-defended Normandy coast, their comrades within the 82nd and one hundred and first Airborne divisions had already flown over the Channel and commenced shedding and gliding into enemy territory. The Airborne Divisions had a job serious to the luck of the whole Normandy Landings; past the preliminary seashore touchdown parts have been miles of flooded defended ditches and waterways. If the German troops controlled to guard those bottlenecks the american citizens on Utah seashore, on the severe correct of the operation, will be not able to maneuver ahead and can have foundered at the beach.The seize and retention of the 2 southernmost exits have been assigned to the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment; the plan was once good thought-out and may have in all probability have succeeded handsomely. but the drop of the 506th like many...

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Some time around 0600 he heard the rattle of a continuing small arms fire building up to the northward. It was the first sign to him that there were other friendly troops operating in the vicinity and he drew some comfort from the thought that they would probably be advancing toward him. The wait was profitless otherwise; no new men came into the position. His grip on the lock seemed secure enough for the time being. On the other hand the small (4-5 man) patrols which were sent to scout the Douve bridges and explore the flank toward LE PORT came back and reported that they could not move more than a few hundred yards either way without drawing fire.

The battalion executive became missing. All company commanders were missing though one regained the American lines five days later. Vanished also was the battalion staff though the S-1 and S-4 finally found their way back to the regiment. As a result of the drop, the battalion was wholly leaderless and its men far-scattered. ONE COMMANDER'S EXPERIENCE Col Howard R. Johnson rode in the leading plane of his regiment. All went smoothly as the formation crossed the Channel. In Johnson's plane the men let out a yell as they saw the French coast and most of them stood up and made a final adjustment of their equipment as the planes flew on and crossed the coastline.

A message came from Allen at 2200 saying that he had quit Bse Addeville: there no longer remained any possibility of juncture with his force, and Ballard heard nothing more about the matter that evening. He was on his last belts of machine gun ammunition and he felt that his next step had to be a round-up of fighting and communications supplies from the Drop Zone. This search was started at midnight and by 0300 the party had collected enough supply to see the battalion through another day of battle.

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