By Philip Sheldrake

ISBN-10: 1405117702

ISBN-13: 9781405117708

ISBN-10: 1405117710

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A short heritage of Spirituality tells the tale of Christian spirituality from its origins within the New testomony to the current day.

  • Charts the most figures, principles, photographs and old sessions, exhibiting how and why spirituality has replaced and built over the centuries
  • Draws out the particular issues of Christian spirituality, exploring the ancient and cultural occasions and reviews that modified people’s attitudes and practices
  • Coverage extends correct as much as the trendy day, exploring the large adjustments in spirituality lately and how it truly is these days frequently contrasted with ‘religion’
  • Written via a number one commentator on spirituality, and released within the well known Brief Histories of Religion series

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1 Some people suggest that there were continuities with Jewish ascetical movements (for example Qumran) or with early Christian ascetical groups within Syriac Christianity. Others have even suggested contacts with pre-existing Buddhist or Hindu forms through The Monastic Paradigm: 300–1150 41 trading links with India. More conventionally, the origins of monasticism have often been attributed to a combination of factors associated with the move of Christianity from persecuted minority to the dominant religion of the empire.

Thus the Church Council of Nicea in 325 26 Foundations: Scriptures and Early Church condemned the heresy of Arianism (named after an Egyptian priest Arius) that denied that the nature of God could be shared or communicated. Not only did Arianism hold that Jesus Christ was not divine but it also implied that there was no real relationship between God and humanity. The end and purpose of human life was not participation in the life of God. The only relationship humans have with God is as slaves to a distant, cold tyrant.

Finally, what is the purpose or end-point of transformation? In other words, what is the vision of holiness and human completeness? 34 Foundations: Scriptures and Early Church Theories of Spiritual Transformation At this point it is worth summarizing some of the classic theories of spiritual growth. Different spiritual traditions have offered various theories of spiritual transformation and wisdom about the lifestyles or spiritual practices that assist transformation. One of the most widespread images is that of a pilgrimage or a journey with various stages or dimensions.

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