By Robert T. Henderson

ISBN-10: 0585230404

ISBN-13: 9780585230405

ISBN-10: 0836190653

ISBN-13: 9780836190656

Latest pastors are in quandary, with breakdowns, abuse, confusion, and divorces achieving epidemic proportions. Robert T. Henderson continues that there's a realm of non secular forces which attracts congregations towards dying. His resolution is to energise pastors with a biblical figuring out of the church's redemptive participation in Jesus' victory over the cosmic powers. They develop into "a door of hope.".

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This was an eagle-eyed champion of fundamentalist orthodoxy who could discover motes of false doctrine in the eyes of the straightest company of Puritans! I walked right into her ambush. A few weeks earlier, I as associate pastor declined one of her proposals for my ministry. " She chose the battlefield and the moment of attack. The setting was a mellow Sunday afternoon in a well-appointed and mustysmelling church parlor during a regular meeting of the leadership council. The session opened with prayer and initial amenities.

I would almost rather suffer one death than the wearying, eroding weeks and months of anonymous pressure, gossip, networks of malice behind smiling faces, emotional brutality, and discouragements. One morning I read, in the same journal, accounts of Fr. Miguel D'Escoto in Nicaragua, of Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, and of the faithful church in Burundiall undergoing severe repression. These are dramatic, heroic, faithful, heartening, and terrifying episodes of the clash of evil and God's love in turbulent nations.

Peace and joy and justice in the Holy Spirit" (Rom. 14:17) might describe its life together. Members express real bonding love and a spirit of praise and worship, without affected airs. Door of Hope is a contagious congregation. People regularly come to faith in Christ. They are set free and changed by the power of God in the gospel. The word of the Lord and the Spirit of the Lord are assumed presences. People outside the congregation notice and talk about the congregation's kingdom behavior. Door of Hope expresses the compassion of Christ in many spontaneous ways.

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