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Durham told him it was speaking in tongues as the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost. ”56 Durham died before the Oneness movement began, but Ewart believed he would have received the Jesus Name message had he lived. 57 He placed great emphasis on the name, person, and work of Jesus Christ:58 • Christ is all and in all. As we yield to the Holy Ghost, we will see more in Him and less in everything else. If there is no other name under Heaven, whereby men can be saved, we ought to constantly proclaim 52 The Finished Work Controversy that blessed name in all the earth.

The events that ultimately resulted in controversy and division began with the Worldwide Apostolic Faith Camp Meeting organized by R. J. Scott and George Studd 63 A History of Christian Doctrine and held at Arroyo Seco near Los Angeles, on a campground used by the Azusa Street Mission. The month-long meeting began on April 15, 1913, and perhaps two thousand people attended. The main speaker was Maria Woodworth-Etter (18441924), a well-known Holiness evangelist who had embraced the Pentecostal message.

35 Apparently, he was affected by racial prejudice and also resented that the revival was not under his direction. At this point, Seymour rejected Parham’s leadership completely. 36 Although the charge was soon dropped, his enemies publicized the incident, particularly the leadership in Zion. Parham soon lost most of his following and influence. He continued his evangelistic ministry from his home base in Baxter Springs, Kansas. To his death in 1929, Parham was sidelined from the leadership of the movement he had initiated.

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