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36 In explaining how the human animal, who has a great need for it, responds to the lack of love, he paints this pathetic picture of contemporary humanity: In our crowded urban world, we have battled on in this way, further and further from a state of loving, personal intimacy, until the cracks have begun to show. Then, sucking our metaphorical thumbs and mouthing sophisticated philosophies to convince ourselves that all is well, we try to sit it out. We laugh at educated adults who pay large sums to go and play childish games of touch and hug in scientific institutes, and we fail to see the signs.

Kurt Goldstein believes the right kind of choosing is essential to bringing about a change in an individual or encouraging personal growth and development: Certainly we always try to eliminate suffering and especially pain. But it is not the task of therapy merely to reduce mental and physical suffering. One may be inclined to do this because one assumes that the elimination of suffering is an essential or even the essential drive of man, as psychoanalysis proclaims in the form of the pleasure principle.

In fact, our entire scientific, industrial, and commercial way of life. depends on our belief in electrons, that is, in invisible powers. Mana also encompasses the ancient belief in one total, universal Energy, for primitive people felt little necessity to give consistent answers regarding the number of manas. "7 The implications are far reaching in terms of the primitive life- Page 7 style; "from it developed polytheisms pantheons interrelating gods . . " 8 Since mana's effects on us may be good or evil, we, like primitive people, cannot help experimenting with ways of controlling it.

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