By Cecilia Minden

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Jimmy gulped and looked over at Kevin. Bats, Kevin thought with a slow dread spreading. We just saw several bats right outside… Then he asked, “Isn’t it true that, even though vampires are immortal, there are ways to stop them? ” Again, Aunt Carolyn nodded. “That’s quite right. A wooden stake driven through the heart will do it. And the only other way to kill a vampire is to keep him out in bright sunlight for a while or in running water. Plus, a vampire can’t look at the sign of the cross, so that’s how people would protect themselves.

When they looked up they could see smoke pouring slowly out of the tall brick chimney. They continued to walk around, their hands jammed down in their coat pockets. Kevin expected the back of the lodge to be lit up by floodlights too but he found he was wrong the minute they turned the corner. The back was pitch-dark. Wind rustled the leaves in the trees. They glanced up at the back of the building, noticing only a few windows lit up. “Look,” Kevin said. He pointed up the great dark face of the back of the lodge, to the far corner of the second floor.

I’ll never find out what’s going on around here! he exclaimed to himself, frustrated. He looked through a few more drawers and cabinets, found nothing, but then— All right! It wasn’t a flashlight he’d found, but it was the next best thing. There, lying in the last drawer, was a box of long, white candles, and right next to the candles was a large box of blue-tip safety matches. He took up one candle and removed the box of matches. Then, very carefully, he struck one of the matches across the flint striker on the box, cautious to make sure the box was closed when he did so, and then he lit the candle.

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