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Energetic Server Pages suggestions explores all the parts that paintings with lively Server Pages, equivalent to HTML (including Dynamic HTML), scripting, ActiveX controls, Java applets, web details Server and net Explorer. professional net builders Al Williams, Kim Barber, and Paul Newkirk enable you to mix ASP with different applied sciences, together with client-side script, Java, and DHTML, to create compelling web pages that's customized and user-relevant. This e-book includes useful suggestion that you should use daily to create robust websites that hook up with databases, deal with person integration, and extra. you are going to additionally locate unique chapters dedicated to utilizing visible InterDev or FrontPage, and lots of examples of customized client-side and server-side items utilizing visible simple and Java.TOC: bankruptcy 1 - the realm huge WhyChapter 2 - leap correct InChapter three - Server-Side Scripting in VBScriptChapter four - Server-Side Scripting in JavaScriptChapter five - Server-Side ObjectsChapter 6 - the customer

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The placeholders are for the name of the method and the name of the stored procedure. The snippet also includes a few lines for input and output parameters. These are in place to show how to add input and output parameters. These lines can be deleted if the stored procedure that is called does not take parameters. 0. It ensures that the DbCommand is disposed of at the end of the block. You will notice that it is not necessary to open and close the database connection here. Listing 2-4.

However, if you have the Standard or Professional Edition of SQL Server installed, this process would fail because SQL Express is required. This default configuration can be quite handy, but also dangerous if you do not adjust it for the deployed environment. For each provider configuration, the parent block has multiple attributes for the respective provider implementation. And within that block, you have the ability to add, remove, or even clear the provider implementations. config and customize them specifically for your needs.

0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a" /> Table 1-1. Membership Configuration Settings Setting Description name Specifies the configuration name referenced by the membership element applicationName Defines the application name used as a scope in the Membership database connectionStringName Specifies the connection string to use for this provider enablePasswordRetrieval Specifies whether this provider allows for password retrieval enablePasswordReset Specifies whether this provider can reset the user password (enabled = true) requiresQuestionAndAnswer Specifies whether the question and answer are required for password reset and retrieval requiresUniqueEmail Specifies whether this provider requires a unique e-mail address per user passwordFormat Specifies the password format, such as cleared, hashed (default), and encrypted maxInvalidPasswordAttempts Specifies how many failed login attempts are allowed before the user account is locked minRequiredPasswordLength Specifies the minimal number of characters required for the password minRequiredNonalphanumericCharacters Specifies the number of special characters that must be present for the password passwordAttemptWindow The duration in minutes when failed attempts are tracked passwordStrengthRegularExpression A regular expression used to check a password string for the required password strength Roles Configuration Now you’ll do much of the same with the Roles provider.

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