By X. Le Pichon, M. Melguen, J. C. Sibuet (auth.), Henry Charnock, Sir George Deacon (eds.)

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The papers on the normal Symposia of the Joint Oceanographic meeting have been offered by way of authors who were invited to house subject matters of large interdisciplinary curiosity. jointly they gave a important account of the current nation of marine study, its proQlems and power. There turns out benefit in publishing them in a single quantity and we're thankful to the authors who kindly agreed to organize their papers for booklet. This has taken your time (and now not all authors stumbled on it attainable) yet we are hoping the ensuing quantity continues to be indicative of traits in glossy oceanography. rather obvious is the way the utilized facets are commencing to play a extra very important half despite concerns concerning the results of the legislations of the ocean on our freedom to make observations. we're particularly thankful to the 4 authors who agreed to offer lectures summarising the paintings of their personal box which used to be said on the meeting. We additionally desire to thank the opposite authors, in addition to all serious about the meeting and with the construction of this volume.

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Marine particles from ships and different ocean-based sources-including trash and misplaced fishing gear-contributes to the spoiling of seashores, fouling of floor waters and the seafloor, and damage to marine animals, between different results. regrettably, overseas conventions and family legislation meant to regulate marine particles haven't been winning, partially as the legislation, as written, supply little incentive to alter habit.

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Inside the immensity and depths of the Earths oceans, some of the planets species and assets thrive distant from the reaches of human civilization. With expanses that experience but to be came across and massive reservoirs of untapped strength, oceans offer fodder for all manners of study. This informative quantity describes the positive factors and homes of the our bodies of water that make up 70 percentage of the worlds floor in addition to some of the branches of oceanography devoted to learning all elements of the sea and its existence varieties.

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Oceans make up many of the floor of our blue planet. they might shape only a sliver at the open air of the Earth, yet they're extremely important, not just in website hosting lifestyles, together with the fish and different animals on which many people count, yet when it comes to their position within the Earth process, in regulating weather, and biking foodstuff.

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Forty-seven minerals were identified. H 2 0), anhydrite, thenardite (Na 2S0 4 ) and langbeinite (K2Mg2(S04)3). There were also five minerals containing copper and one containing lead, but none containing manganese. From a literature search there were reports of 51 other volcanic minerals not found in South America during this investigation. Five more copper minerals and 4 more lead minerals were reported. In addition, there were two minerals each containing manganese and arsenic and one mineral with either tin or zinc.

Yet, the similarity of enrichment factors for the North Atlantic and South Polar airs suggests a natural source for these metals as opposed to an anthropogenic one. Duce et al. D. , 1975). 4 Cr 11. Zn 110. Cu 120 Pb 2200. 9 69. 93. 2500. Sb 2300. 1300. Se 10000. 18000. originate in the Northern Hemisphere. Interhemispheric mixing takes place in times of the order of six months to a year. Yet the residence times of these substances in the atmosphere is of the order of weeks to a month. There clearly is inadequate time for the transport of these metals from the northern hemisphere to the south pole.

PRICE, 1971: Recent sediments of the south West African Shelf. In : The Geology of the East Atlantic Continental Margin (Ed. M. Delany), p. 173-185. Inst. Geol. Sci. Rept. nO 70/16. , 1975: Influence des courants profonds au large du Br~sil sur la s~dimentation argileuse r~cente. IXe Congres International de s~dimentologie, Nice 1975, Theme 8, P. 13-17. , 1972: Investigations of the Walvis Ridge and environs - Ph. D. , 228 p. , 1974 : Penetration of Antarctic water from the Cape Basin into the Angola Basin.

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