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Q 7/29/03 3:30 AM Page 53 5 A Writing Life A FEW MONTHS after Tom Lefroy’s departure and the end of Jane’s romance, her father decided that he would no longer teach students at Ste venton. Suddenly , many of the tasks that had occupied much of Jane’ s time —assisting with the cooking, cleaning, and laundry for her f amily plus so man y students — vanished, and she was left with more free time, and more privacy in which to enjoy it. Much of this ne w free time w as f illed with writing. q 7/29/03 3:30 AM Page 54 54 JANE AUSTEN and Pr ejudice.

With three of her brothers no w married, Jane traveled frequently to visit them. She most often spent summers visiting Edward and his f amily in Kent. She tra veled to his Did you know... The town of Bath was famous as a health resort and a popular choice for retirees during Jane Austen’s time, due to the benefits many believed came from bathing in its ancient Roman thermal springs. Bath had been a fashionable destination during the early part of the eighteenth century, but by the time Austen visited there, it no longer enjoyed the same cachet.

Fowle’s wedding to Cassandra has already been postponed se veral times. The long voyage to the West Indies w ould mean yet another delay . F owle wanted to maintain a good relationships with Lord Cra ven and ultimately agreed to accompany him, quickly writing his will (in which he left 1,000 pounds to Cassandra and his property to his father) before departing. As Cassandra settled do wn to w ait for her f iancé’s return, the family encountered tragedy. q 7/29/03 2:39 AM Page 50 50 JANE AUSTEN Anna, to wander the house sadly calling for her mother.

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