By Chuck Missler

ISBN-10: 1578210615

ISBN-13: 9781578210619

Everyone pretty well sums up this booklet stable via giving it a five superstar rating.. simply learn this e-book, its very excellent and in my view the easiest publication i have learn to date. It relatively attracts you in and its challenging to place me its a truly sturdy book:)!

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Tradition holds that they were composed by the gods themselves in a previous age. C. In the Rig-Veda we find a reference to these aerial cars flown by the gods. "The valiant god his car ascends, swept by his fervid bounding speeds, athwart the sky the hero speeds. The Marut-hosts his escort form, impetuous spirits of the storm. On flashing lightning-cars they ride, and gleam in warlike pomp and pride... Like lions' roar their voice of doom; With iron force their teeth consume. "67 According to some scholars in the ancient Hindu texts—the Bhagavata-Purana, Mahabharata, and Ramayana—additional descriptions of flying machines called vimanas can be found.

51 DARK MATTER AS A FUEL SOURCE It may come as a surprise to learn that most matter in the universe seems to be missing. " Its gravitational effects are discernable, but it has yet to be directly observed by conventional methods employing photons of electromagnetic radiation—hence its name. Dark matter has been the subject of many conjectures and associated searches, but no one has resolved this elusive mystery. Dark matter has yet to be observed, and so its properties remain unknown. Some mathematical conjectures about exotic forms of dark matter suggest that it could have properties that might be exploited in some form of highly advanced propulsion system.

After observing the object for eight about minutes, it suddenly dematerialized and vanished from sight. M. On this evening a United States Air Force pilot Second Lt. K. P Kelly and his wife saw a single spherical, pulsating red object floating stationary. Then it changed shape from spherical to a vertical oval. The sighting lasted for about five minutes. THE CHRONICLES OF VALLEE Sightings of metallic flying craft that dematerialize, change shape, and perform aerial feats impossible for a physical craft are abundant in the chronicles of civilian researchers as well.

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