By Harun Yahya

ISBN-10: 8187570059

ISBN-13: 9788187570059

While the glorious concord in nature is obviously observable despite the bare eye, how can it's attainable to imagine that this layout used to be verified haphazardly and luckily? without doubt, there needs to be an proprietor of this layout latest in bodies and achieving the remotest corners of the particularly enormous universe. This publication is a summons to consider the universe and the residing issues Allah has created and to work out the perfection of their production.

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Being involved in the system right at the outset, the saliva wets the food and helps it to be ground by the teeth and slide down the oesophagus. The oesophagus helps the food be transported to the stomach where a perfect balance is at work. Here, the food is digested by the hydrochloric acid present in the stomach. This acid is so strong that it has the capacity to dissolve not only the food but also the stomach walls. Of course, such a flaw is not permitted in this perfect system. A secretion called mucus which is secreted during digestion covers all the walls of the stomach and provides a perfect protection against the destructive effect of the hydrochloric acid.

In moments of danger, the insect squirts hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone stored in its body towards the enemy to protect itself. Prior to battle, specialised structures called secretory lobes make a very concentrated mixture of these two chemicals. The mixture is stored in a separate compartment called the storage chamber. This compartment is connected to a second one called the explosion chamber. The two compartments are kept separate from one another by a sphincter muscle. The moment the insect senses danger, it squeezes the muscles surrounding the storage chamber while Hydroquinone simultaneously relaxing the sphincter muscle, and the chemical in the storage chamber is transferred to the explosion chamber.

On such occasions, other soldiers (macrophages) are summoned up. Their involvement causes alarm in the target area and other soldiers (auxiliary T cells) are also called to battle. These soldiers are very familiar with the local populace. They quickly distinguish their own army from that of the enemy. They immediately activate the soldiers assigned to weapon production (B cells). These soldiers have extraordinary abilities. Although they never see the enemy, they can produce weapons which will render the enemy ineffectual.

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