By J. A. Fox (auth.)

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P/w = (Sm/Sf - l)(h m + y) = (Sm/Sf - l)(h m + hma/A) hf=(sm/sf-l)(1 +a/A)hm Ifa~A but if the calibration of the scale for measuring h m is made such that 1 1 scale unit = - - - true units 1 +a/A then the value measured on this modified scale will be larger than the true value, so that hm measured = (1 + a/A)hm true Then h f = (Sm/Sf - l)hm measured and the value of h f will be accurately measured by the manometer The inverted U tube If the value of p is large, it will not be possible to use two separate piezometers.

When the river is in flood the upstream water surface is level with the road surface and the downstream level is 15 ft [5 m] below it. Assuming the pressure distribution to be hydrostatic calculate (a) the horizontal thrust upon the bridge and (b) the overturning moment acting upon it. Answer: 1·14 x 106 1bf, 36·9 x 10 6 ft Ibf [6·17 MN, 57·5 MN m]. 27 Definitions and Hydrostatics Rood surface 15' 15' [5mJ [5mJ 100' [33m] Fig. 22 40' [13m] ~I (6) A rectangular leaf gate is fitted into a side wall of a reservoir mounted in a vertical position.

16). The value of 1m can be converted to the eqUivalent head reading by multiplying by sin O. For small pressures multi-fluid manometers can be used (see Fig. 17). Fig. 16 Definitions and Hydrostatics 21 By suitable choice of the two fluids in this manometer the sensitivity can be made high. The two fluids must be immiscible and have specific gravities of nearly the same value, for example, water and paraffin. If the specific weights of the two fluids are w 1 and w 2, the equation is ~=hm[w2(1 +a/A)-w1{l -a/A)] This assumes that the working fluid is a gas for which the specific weight is negligible.

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