By Humphrey Palmer (auth.)

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Theologians may have their technical terms, but preachers and teachers use ordinary language, and mean exactly what they say. They teach the faith "once delivered to the saints", and they need no philosophical theories or logical apologies for doing so. A few intellectuals who have lost or mislaid their faith may try to quiet their consciences by explaining away the creed in a III. ANALOGY AND ARGUMENTS 21 haze of qualifications and re-definitions. The plain truth is that they are not Christians, and that their complex reformulated non-faith is not Christianity'.

He might still perhaps allow the symbol to occupy his imagination in order to stimulate feeling, but when he wanted to express what he believed to be the real truth he could do so in the phrase given. Being able to contemplate both the symbolic picture and the reality behind it, he could compare one with the other and definitely see how the symbol was only a symbol, that is, how it was unlike the reality.

Then there are (in round figures) 100,000 women about for him to keep off. Is he married? That reduces the number to 99,999. But this reduction is statistically insignificant. For one thing, the population of women goes up whenever one turns up on a bus from somewhere else. George's celibacy, negatively defined, would in any fair-sized town be practically indistinguishable from his married state. 14 It is hardly surprising that the way of denial 53 yields no positive knowledge of God, or of marriage, or an elephant.

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