By Victor N. Nikolaevskiy

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Turbulence concept is among the so much fascinating elements of fluid mechanics and plenty of notable scientists have attempted to use their wisdom to the advance of the idea and to provide worthwhile strategies for answer of a few functional difficulties. during this monograph the writer makes an attempt to combine many particular ways into the unified idea. the elemental premise is the straightforward concept that a small eddy, that's a component of turbulent meso-structure, possesses its personal dynamics as an item rotating with its personal spin pace and obeying the Newton dynamics of a finite physique. a couple of such eddies fills a coordinate phone, and the angular momentum stability should be formulated for this spatial telephone. If the mobile coincides with a finite­ distinction aspect at a numerical calculation and if the exterior size scale is big, this trouble-free quantity should be regarded as a differential one and a continuum parameterization should be used. Nontrivial angular stability is a end result of the asymmetrical Reynolds rigidity motion on the orientated aspects of an uncomplicated quantity. at the beginning look, the averaged dyad of pace elements is symmetrical, == besides the fact that, if averaging is played over the aircraft with general nj, the main of commutation is misplaced. therefore, the tension tensor asymmetry j depends upon different elements that perform the angular momentum stability. this is often the one danger to figure out a pressure in engineering.

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1) over the volume of the mole of A scale and then over all such moles in the volume Ll V yields the expression for kinetic energy contained in this volume: 1 < -2 P Ui Ui l I d U· d U· Ui Ui + - P [/em - - ' - - ' + 2 2 dXkdXm >= - < P > 57 V. N.

Equality Ui = i says nothing about < Wi If < », i Wi> j "# j. 9) On the other hand, let us consider the circulation Ii of the velocity Uj along the contour L[ (I = j, k) that is in the form of a square, coinciding with a plane crosssection of the volume AV. 11) k#-i Here we introduce a new vector Vh - averaged pulsation velocity along segment LlKk whose circulation along the closed sum of such segments determines the spin vorticity flux 7• We call1ll the eddy spin. 12) c Sc According to the Stokes theorem, the line averaging of a vector along a closed contour, made of edges of the elementary volume, results in the total flux of vortexes through the corresponding cross-section.

6) SPATIAL AVERAGING AND MACROEQUATIONS ct>km p( J ml + J'rrn) - 2 Cilk pJ ml < ct>km >= 2 Cilk 2Cilk Ih,! 7) ! P J ml < ct>km >, Let us introduce the viscous couple stresses mij =< eilk (J'kj ql >j that are connected with an irregularity of viscous microstress distribution at a cross-section of the elementary volume ~ V . 8) ! 8) will be omitted. 9) a II.. 9). e. 4) is transformed a Uk = Cilk Iml-a-Xm <=:< 2"1 Cilk Ckmp 1m! 21): CijkC/pk = a/~p - ap~/. 4. EVOLUTION OF MOMENT OF INERTIA The moment of inertia evolution equation can be found as follows.

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