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9 million year ago to 10,000 years ago. It is identified with a noticeable change in the animal fossils, which usually indicates some kind of extinction or massive change in the environment. It is difficult to summarize what happened from region to region since there was as much climatic variety then as there is today. However, the general consensus among scientists is that the beginning of the Pleistocene epoch began with an overall global cooling. This cooling was significant in that many cold-intolerant species disappeared and some new more resistant species appear in the fossil record.

Trophic levels are based on an organism’s main source of nutrition. Autotrophs, also called primary producers, are generally photosynthetic organisms that use light energy to synthesize sugars and other organic compounds. Heterotrophs, or consumers, are supported by these photosynthetic organisms. The primary consumers are herbivores, who gain sustenance directly from autotrophs. Secondary consumers feed on the herbivores and tertiary consumers feed on the secondary ones. Those organisms that feed off of dead organisms are known as detritovores.

London: Edward Arnold, 1969. Populations The study of populations and population ecology is a growing field of biology. Plants and animals are studied both singly and in relationship to one another. Factors that affect population growth and overall health are constantly being sought and analyzed. polyploid having three or more sets of chromosomes Animal populations are a bit easier to discuss since the genetic basis from which animal populations arise is not as complicated as the genetic basis of plants.

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