By Allan B. Cobb

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ISBN-13: 9780028655604

This encyclopedia set, a part of the Macmillan technology Library sequence, is designed to house middle-school scholars via university undergraduates. The paintings includes nearly three hundred signed entries on a number of issues on the subject of animal technology, together with animal improvement, services, habit, ecology, and evolution.The connection among animals and people can be explored in entries corresponding to Animal trying out, Apiculture, and family animals. additionally integrated are biographies of famous scientists who've made ''significant contributions'' to the sector (for example,Henry Walter Bates, Rachel Carson, Gregor Mendel) in addition to introductions to profession possibilities within the similar disciplines. Articles seem in alphabetical order and diversity in size from a number of paragraphs to numerous pages. All are followed via see additionally references and extra interpreting feedback (including net sites). each one quantity starts with a whole desk of contents, a geological time scale, 5- and six-kingdom type comparisons, a phylogenetic tree of lifestyles, and a chart of measurements, abbreviations, and conversions. every one concludes with a subject outline,an index (volume four encompasses a cumulative index), and a 600-plus-word word list.

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So it collects in tissues until toxic levels are reached. Mercury also undergoes biomagnification. Organisms at higher trophic levels consume a large number of organisms at lower trophic levels. The concentration of mercury becomes progressively higher at higher trophic levels. Predators at the highest trophic levels can accumulate dangerously high levels of mercury in this way. Radioactive materials. Radioactive materials are a recent addition to the list of potential water pollutants. Radioactive waste comes from the mining and processing of radioactive ores, from the refining of radioactive materials, from the industrial, medical, and research uses of radioactive materials, 22 Pollution and from nuclear-powered reactors.

Many researchers think that some synthetic chemicals mimic natural hormones, disrupting growth and reproductive cycles in affected populations. Inorganic chemicals. Inorganic chemicals such as mercury, nitrates, phosphates, and other compounds may also enter surface water. Many of these chemicals destroy fish and aquatic life, cause excessive hardness of water supply, and corrode machinery. This adds to the cost of water treatment. biomagnification increasing levels of toxic chemicals through each trophic level of a food chain Mercury pollution has been recognized as a serious, chronic, and widespread danger in many waterways.

The chemical energy is then passed to heterotrophs in organic compounds of food, and finally dissipates into the system as heat. Trophic levels are based on an organism’s main source of nutrition. Autotrophs, also called primary producers, are generally photosynthetic organisms that use light energy to synthesize sugars and other organic compounds. Heterotrophs, or consumers, are supported by these photosynthetic organisms. The primary consumers are herbivores, who gain sustenance directly from autotrophs.

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