By Dennis Abrams

ISBN-10: 0791089681

ISBN-13: 9780791089682

ISBN-10: 1438123604

ISBN-13: 9781438123608

Profiles the lifestyles and occupation of the writer Anthony Horowitz.

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Granny 111–112) This excerpt shows a wonderful mixture of humor, satire, and horror. Anthony really takes revenge on his own grandmother here. Not only is Granny old, ugly, and mean, she is willing for her own grandchild to die so that SHE can live longer! By blowing up his own grandmother’s evil to such epic proportions, Anthony is allowed to laugh at her and be horrified, and thus he comes to terms with her actions. Joe, of course, survives the Grannymatic Enzyme Extractor, but he must have one final confrontation with his Granny.

I’m afraid you’re going to have to buy me a completely new uniform for next term. ” “What a bore! ” “I know. The elastic on my underpants snapped during the headmaster’s speech. It was rather embarrassing . ” (The Switch 10–11) Tad owned the best of anything and everything. And yet, although being raised in the lap of luxury in a way that almost everyone dreams of being raised, like Anthony, Tad was not happy with his life. Suddenly Snatchmore Hall seemed like a prison to him. His parents, his great wealth, his school and his surroundings were just the shackles that bound him and he wanted none of it.

Were his childhood feelings toward her the same when he was an adult? Was he able to forgive her? He said: Well at the end of her life, the last year of her life, after my mother had died of cancer, helped, I have to say, by my grandmother along the way, she was all alone. Let me first say that when my mother became ill, my grandmother’s contribution to this was to stress her out as much as she possibly could. “Who’s going to do my shopping? ” My mother would drag herself off her sickbed when she was months away from death to go and do the shopping for this woman.

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